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Super Strains Seeds

Super Strains Seeds

Super Strains Seeds was created in 2010. This was not the start for the team however, their previous ventures into the world of breeding saw the team win the High Life Cup for the first time back in 1995. Back in those days, the teams main focus was on their fertilizer company, but they now devote all of their passion to breeding strains for growers and smokers to enjoy.

Super Strain Seeds are the people who brought the world the sought-after and extremely popular Amnesia. In the 1980's they managed to secure some original Nevil's Haze. The team then crossed this with the genetics in their own collection. Amnesia was created when the team crossed Nevil's Haze with their own very special Afghan (Enemy Of The State), and the rest is history.

Super strain Seeds has become known for award-winning genetics. A large selection of cannabis varieties they have poured their knowledge and passion into. Super Strain Seeds lab test all their genetics, giving you numbers they can stand behind when you are researching their genetics.

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