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Welcome to our free seeds page. We understand that free seed offers are a big part of ordering seeds. Seed banks around the world offer amazing free seed offers. We are very proud of the fact we can go the extra mile when it comes to free seed offers. Our free seeds are from well known and respected breeders around the world, not the bulk seeds many similar sites have on offer. We are sure you will be happy with the selection of free seeds you will receive when you order from Breeders Collective.

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Breeders Collective Seed Bank - Free Seeds

What Free Seed Offers Are Available At Breeders Collective?

We are proud to offer multiple free seed offers here at Breeders Collective. All of our free seed promotions are automatically added to your basket when ordering seeds. Our free seed offers fall under several categories which we will cover below:

2 free seeds for every £10 spent at Breeders Collective:

We are very proud to offer this promotion. We want as many seeds as possible in our customers collections. This promotion very quickly adds up to what we believe is the best free seed promotion available anywhere. Our 2 free seeds for every £10.00 spent is available as 1 feminised seed, and 1 regular seed. Our feminised free seed stock is not like many other sites in the fact these seeds are not the usual "bulk" or "own brand seeds". Our free feminised seeds are from established and respected breeders from around the world. Our regular seeds are from an old-school private breeder, these have had excellent feedback and reviews. We will round this promotion up to the nearest £10.00.

Breeder-Specific Free Seed Promotions:

Our breeder-specific promotions are free seeds that are available with many of the breeders we stock. These will be listed on the product page and will be free/extra seeds from the same breeder you are purchasing.

Supernatural Seeds Free Seed Promotion:

We are very proud to be able to offer a promotion in partnership with the team at Supernatural Seeds. This promotion adds a free seed from Supernatural Seeds to your order for every £30.00 spent. We will round this promotion up to the nearest £30.00.

How Do You Get Your Free Seeds:

On each product page, there are options for the many free seed promotions we offer. These will be automatically selected for each product. When you add your chosen seeds to your basket, all of your free seeds will automatically be added to your basket. 

For a full list of promotions available at Breeders Collective visit our promotions page here.

These promotions may change in the future depending on stock levels and the varieties available in the future.

Last updated: 16/08/2023

Team Breeders Collective.

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Please get in touch if you have any questions about our free seeds or products. We aim to reply to all messages within 1 working day.

Alternatively contact us with the below email:

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