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Paradise Seeds Free Seed Promo

Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds have been around and producing some of the best genetics available since 1994. They have gained a reputation for stable genetics, flavourful terpene profiles, solid-producing plants, and some of the industry's true legendary strains.

Paradise Seeds has been a true passion of love for the team. The original goal was to produce better-tasting, stronger varieties. This all began in the cannabis industry beating heart of the 90s, Amsterdam. The passion and a new way of thinking fast produced seeds that at the time were considered the best quality in the world. As demand increased for the new varieties, the passion of love was turned into the breeder that needs no introduction, Paradise Seeds.

Paradise seeds produce their strains organically, in strictly controlled breeding rooms. The team has won multiple cannabis cups and awards. Some true legends make up the Paradise Seeds stable. Old school brutes like Wappa, Delahaze, Amsterdam Flame, Sensi Star, and many more have gained a reputation as stable, solid producers. The team has not rested on its reputation either. New strains that prove as popular as the legends they have already produced continue to be released, including a collab with Tommy Chong.

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