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Conscious Genetics Free Seed Promo

Conscious Genetics

Conscious Genetics has been around for 7 years. During this time the breeder has produced some truly stunning genetics which has been continually improved and made into new strains. Conscious Kush V1 was the first masterpiece to emerge from the Conscious Genetics stable. This first creation was a work of art, using genetics from Conscious Genetics' favorite strains from around the world.

Conscious Genetics journey then went on the hunt for true purple strains to work alongside the breeders own creations. The aim was to make true purple strains that pack flavour and punch. The resulting creations have taken growers hearts. Flavour profiles that are as complex as they are satisfying. Trichome production is off the charts across the Conscious Genetics lineup.

It's not often a breeder goes to the lengths Conscious Genetics has to test his lines. A quick look at Conscious Genetics social media will show all genetics used are tested openly by forums and social media growers in legal settings. When a breeder tests so openly you know you can trust the work going into them.

An absolute gentleman and a credit to the cannabis community.

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