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DNA Genetics Free Seeds Promo

DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics has built a long-standing reputation for outstanding quality and outside-the-box ideas when it comes to breeding that has created some true legends within the cannabis stain world. DNA can be found entering emerging legal markets with a clear goal. To continue their passion to create the highest quality cannabis seeds and genetics for growers to enjoy.

DNA Genetics has been present at and won many cannabis cups including prizes at The High Times Cannabis Cup, Spannabis, Chalice, The Emerald Cup, And ExpoWeed. These award-winning genetics are found in every pack of DNA Genetics seeds.

DNA Genetics work alongside the medical and scientific communities to provide alternative solutions to the pharmaceutical approach. Through this research and a long list of medical and scientific partners, DNA Genetics strains and research are now used by many other breeders around the world.

DNA Genetics uses state-of-the-art breeding facilities around the world in legal markets to produce the seeds we have all come to know and love. The teams professional approach and clear passion for the highest quality genetics are clear to see in every plant grown around the world.

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